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Added by Empress Stela
Last updated 05/5/2019
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Super Stela Games Full Update Log 2018

Here's the full update log for Super Stela Games in 2018.

--Public v4.3 , Release Date 1/23/2018

Working on VIP server customization update is a really difficult update to work on. Since then, there have been more reported glitches on Super Stela Games and it's now fixed. In the mean time, here are some small feature additions.

^ Fix a glitch where the server script would break randomly because it can't find the specific value.
+ Added party share. Features with party share
> Players will get 25% more cash for each cash they earn
> Players will get 25% of the cash the other players in their party earn.
> Players will not earn extra cash from party share if they buy cash in game or if they win the minigame.
* Fixed party color over lay in leader board.
^ Nerfed Spas-12 damage to 26. ( It's still possible to one shot enemies up to 416hp but it's nearly impossible unless the enemy's head is very large. ).
^ Fixed a glitch where the game tend to break the ready up system breaks when a player joins when it's game over.
^ Improved party invite gui overlay
- Removed Christmas menu theme.
^ Lowered energy required to kick from 20 to 16.
^ Lowered energy required to punch from 9 to 8.
^ Lowered the speed rate increase for Clock Tower Hop minigame
^ Lowered Clock Tower Hop reward to 750.
^ Fixed Mount Stela Mountain Keeper from falling apart.
^ Lowered punch and kick damage cool down.
* Fixed a glitch where if a player died while sprinting, the sprinting sound will never stop.
* Fixed DB Shotgun not firing when a weapon skin is equipped.
* Fixed AK-47 not firing when a weapon skin is equipped.
+ Added 24 new weapon skins for Remington weapon totaling 240 weapon skins.
Will add weapon skin crates to SSG in the future.
* Fixed camera zoom glitch.
* Fixed weapon skin not working for Remington.

--Public v4.4 , Release Date 2/19/2018

I'm adjusting the rank lock for SSG weapons because a while ago, leveling up on SSG became more difficult because I increased the amount of exp required for each level up. I'm also lowering the price of weapons so that more players can spend their in game currency more on the future weapon customization update rather than buying new weapons.
+ Added VIP server customization.
^ Optimized Server Browser to better handle larger amounts of players due to optimized code
^ Increased server list cache from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, this is to prevent the scripts from becoming unresponsive.
^ Spaced out damage difference effect when the opponent takes damage.
- Removed animated SSG Snow flakes on menu screen.
^ Mount Stela minigame is now limited to a maximum of 18 players.
* Fixed a glitch where if the initial sound setting is off, the sound icon will not show that it's turned off.
* Patched party invite spam.
^ Floating Islands map is now limited to a maximum of 18 players.
^ Limited Locked Out minigame to a maximum of 18 players.
^ Buffed Generade Launcher damage to 125.
^ Lowered Wingmaster price to 24k.
^ Lowered Sword price to 15k and rank down to 11.
+ Added loading screen GUI while the server list loads.

--Public V4.4.1 , Release Date 2/21/2018

* Fixed the SSG default, battlestation, and classic servers game scripts from being broken.

--Public V4.4.2 , Release Date 3/2/2018

* Fixed party invite not working.
* Fixed armor or weapon stats button showing on SSG items
- Removed scrollbar from players list on SSG menu screen.
^ repositioned the players list on SSG menu screen to be higher up.
^ Lowered AK-47 rank down to 16 and the price for ak-47 down from 40k to 36k.
^ Buffed M41A range to 110 to balance it more with it's lower ammo storage.

--Public V4.4.3 , Release Date 3/26/2018

I'm doing many minor updates rather than major updates for Super Stela Games because our development team is modernizing SSG user interface.
Only minor updates:
^ Air fogs brick now use attachments instead of invisible bricks, less problems when players shoot with their weapons on Air Fog supported maps.
- Removed winter theme.
* Fixed certain ak-47 weapon skins will cause the weapon to malfunction.

--Public V4.4.4 , Release Date 4/13/2018

In this update, there are some minor improvements:

^ Updated all SSG weapon guis to the modern 2018 gui.
^ Buffed MP5 Damage to 30 and increased MP5 accuracy to 90.
^ Buffed MP5 native range to 60.
^ Updated parts of the SSG menu screen UI.
^ Slightly nerfed Wingmaster accuracy
+ Added ammo stations for Cliffhangers for prepare for a battle based game mode.
^ Revamped Ammo Stations, instead of touching the ammo station to reload which takes a while, just press shift near an ammo station to reload while a weapon is equipped.
-Regular ammo stations have 4 refills and the ammo station does NOT refill it iself ( common ).
-Angel ammo stations have 5 refills and when it runs out, it takes 90 seconds to refill the ammo station ( rare ).
-Demon ammo stations have 8 refills. Each time you refill at a demon ammo station, you lose 12hp but once the ammo station runs out, it takes 15 seconds to refill itself ( uncommon ).
You now have to press shift near the ammo box to reload instead of touching the ammo box.

--Public V4.4.5 , Release Date 5/8/2018

-The Egg Launcher is no longer available for purchase

--Public v4.5 , Release Date 5/29/2018

+ Added Bernkastel Kues Square for SSG greenlight
^ Lowered players limit on Mount Stela from 18 to 12 players.
+ Added the new spectate. ( Thank you ReallyNatural for the spectate script! )
* Fixed the server browser load delay glitch.
+ Added ammo case! Players can place ammo crates anywhere on the map as long the space is open. 2 refills maximum. Player can only buy 1 ammo case per round in live store.
* Corrected disappearing platforms minigame miss spelling
^Updated the winners stage side art work
^ Nerfed Spas-12 damage from 26 to 24.
* Fixed Easter Island map from showing in vote minigame.
* Fixed multiple fire character animation action for shotgun based weapons.
^ Death screen now show every time a player dies, even if a player can respawn.
^ Modified items to better fit with the updated roblox community rules.
[Private] - Completely removed Halloween Bootcamp map from SSG due to roblox terms of service update.

--Public v4.5.1 , Release Date 9/11/2018

* Fixed a roblox update that caused players to be stuck during the loading screen forever once it really finished loading.

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