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You agree that your the age of 13+ when signing up for a Seraphim Studio account or at least act 13+, and you fill follow the Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so can result in account suspension for a period of time or a permanent block from accessing Seraphim Studio.

Act your age: Don't be immature, unless it's a place where maturity doesn't matter (i.e. Silly Discussion Forum). Don't directly insult staff members or other users: it will cause trouble and nobody wants that to happen.

Don't complain about bans. Bans are given out for a reason. If your serious about disputing your ban, click here for more information to submit your ban appeal. Once a ban appeal has been submitted, your ban will be reviewed again to either be lifted, shortend or denied. You only get 3 chances to appeal per ban.

Seraphim Studio:

Regarding accounts:

You shall not (At all, anywhere on the site)

Uploading assets ( All images )

This is not the while Terms of Service and is likely to change in the future. We have the right to suspend your account if we determine your behavior disrupts the website, so follow the rules so everyone can have a good time. Rules are there for a reason or else the site will be caotic.

Last updated on Feburary 10, 2019