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Added by Empress Stela
Last updated 05/5/2019
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Super Stela Games Full Update Log 2017

--Public v2.8 , Release Date 1/1/2017 - [ Last Christmas Update ]

1) Increased pain pills price from 30 to 35 in menu store.
2) Increased pain pills price from 50 to 55 in live store.
3) Added special game mode tags to Endurance and Boss game modes.
4) Added Jet Pack ( requires rank 15 to unlock and 350 per round ).
5) Added gas can ( can be used to refill jet pack fuel ), requires rank 17 to buy since it's like an item add on to jet pack.
6) Add special game modes system, can only vote one special game modes once for every 2 rounds.
7) Added vote minigame button debounce.
8) Added the ability to punch and kick.
9) New MMA game mode on Northpole Outskirts, Sword Fights On The Heights, and Arabian Desert Fortress.
10) Zombie don't have access to live store any more. ( Zombie survival game mode will get an improvement in January. )
11) Increased zombie damage debounce touch from 0.25 to 1 second.
12) Lowered speed increase on spinner from .02 of a second to .01 of a second.

--Public v2.9 | THE MASSIVE UPDATE #2, Release Date 1/15/2017

1) Added oil rig map - Requires rank 10 to vote.
2) New wingmaster weapon! Requires rank 15+ and 28,500 in game cash to buy.
3) Removed Christmas menu theme.
4) Lowered DB Shotgun cost from 12,500 to 6,000 and also lowered the rank lock down from 12 to 6.
5) Removed Snow Globe Town map.
6) Temporary removed rag doll.
7) Nerfed DB Shotgun damage per bullet from 12 to 10.
8) Updated SSG owner trade mark on menu screen to include 2017.
9) New weapon skins! 12 new grenade launcher skins and 9 new rock launcher weapon skins!
10) DB Shotgun now supports weapon skins.
11) Fixed rock launcher hurter a player that is using it.
12) Enabled multiple c4s in one area to take more damage to the player.
13) Increased special round cool down from 2 to 3.
14) Fixed an uncommon glitch when the menu music from playing while the minigame loads.
15) Bought back hide and seek game mode.
16) Added api whether to mute minigame music or not.
17) Added api where you can use smooth terrian water.
18) Removed Christmas themed winners stage.

--Public v2.9.1 , Release Date 1/17/2017

1) Fixed weapons skins showing up in wingmaster.
2) Name tags no longer show up on hide and seek game mode.

--Public v2.9.2 , Release Date 1/21/2017

1) Increased wingmaster accuracy from 10 to 12.
2) Added Wingmaster weapon animations.
3) Fixed Rock Launcher not taking any damage to the other player.
4) Increased CTF game mode match from 4 minutes to 5 minutes.
5) Fixed Wingmaster gun weight that hinder movement.

--Public v3.0 , Release Date 1/28/2017

1) Increased rank cap to 42.
2) Added spas-12 weapon, 62,500$ to buy, requires at least rank 34 to buy.
3) Added reposition and survivor radar for zombies.
4) Added the live store for zombies, ( reposition , survivor radar ).
5) Zombies no longer take fall damage.
6) Added zombie animations.
7) Upgraded the treasure chest on Mount Stela minigame.
8) Increased fame required for angel halo from 20 to 100.
9) Fixed glitch when jet pack gui is not removed after death.
10) Added 25 damage penalty for pressing backspace while stunned.
11) Admin gui now shows the player's cash and stars.
12) Player now shows as online when the player is in the same game but different server in admin gui.
13) 9 new Rapid Star Launcher weapon skins.
14) Added Ticker zombie.
15) Updated zombie health gui appearence to appear more like survivor gui.
16) Updated store merchandise layout.
17) Added Deathsekkar zombie.
18) Confidential armor addition.
19) Buffed wingmaster damage to 30.
*New zombies are being added in order to prepare to expand zombie based survival game mode on ssg.

--Public v3.0.1 , Release Date 2/3/2017

* Fixed Wingmaster double shot glitch.
* Fixed chat gui being hidden all the time, chat gui now shown all the time like it should be.
*The chat is going to get an upgrade next update.

--Public v3.1 , Release Date 2/9/2017

^ Nefed glock's infinite range down to 160 max and 120 native because it's not a sniper.
^ Buffed glock's damage to 25.
^ Buffed Revolver damage to 55.
^ Nerfed Revolver infinite range down to 140 max and 70 native because it's not a sniper.
^ Nerfed laser ray's infinite range down to 210 max and 160 native because it's not a sniper.
^ Buffed Thompson damage from 20 to 23
^ Nefed thompson ray's infinite range down to 140 max and 90 native because it's not a sniper.
^ Buffed DB Shotgun damage from 12 to 22
^ Increased DB Shotgun accuracy from 5 to 10.
^ Nefed db shotgun ray's infinite range down to 140 max and 60 native because it's not a sniper.
+ Added animations to laser ray weapon.
+ Added DB Shotgun Animations.
+ Added Spas-12 maximum native range to 55.
+ Added Wingmaster Native range to 75.
+ Added Sniper animations.
^ Increased DB Shotgun reload time to 2.
^ Buffed Colt damage to 75.
^ Improved gui layering due to screen gui display order update.
^ Improved chat gui interface.
+ Added weapon stats
* Fixed spas-12 weight to be lighter.
+ Added Thompson weapon animation.
* Fixed weapons not working after respawn.
^ Updated pills use animation.
+ Added MP5, requires rank 12 to buy and costs 21.1K in game cash.
^ Lowered Sniper maximum range to 370 and native range down to 210.

--Public v3.1.1 , Release Date 2/10/2017

* Fixed rapid star launcher not showing up.
* Fixed Wingmaster weapon glitch when reloading.
+ Added player points. [ 10 player points for each player that kills another player.] ( You will get player points for winning a round as soon as I can fix winning on FFA and PVP or other pvp based game modes. )
^ Nerfed Revolver damage from 55 down to 40.
^ Nerfed Colt damage from 75 down to 60
* Fixed Sniper stats display in store.
^ Lowered Sniper maximum range down to 240 and native range down to 160.
^ Raised Revolver rank lock to 3.
^ Raised Revolver price to 1,500.
*In the future winning rewards will be split up and no player points will be awarded if there is no last one standing in FFA and PVP game mode.

--Public v3.1.2 , Release Date 2/12/2017

* Fixed stats panel still visible after switching product info.
^ Nerfed Deathsekkar jump power down from 100 to 75.
^ Buffed deathsekkar speed to 15.
* Fixed kill reward delay. ( Caused by player points update ).
^ Allowed cash accumulation to stay on longer the more cash is earned.

--Public v3.2 , Release Date 2/26/2017

+ Added Auras! Premium feature on Super Stela Games. Can only buy Auras with stars. So far only 3 Auras to buy / equip
^ Increased the stars reward for winning a minigame from 1 to 3.
^ Increased intermission time from 30 to 35.
+ Added list affordable option for weapons store. Shows the weapons you can afford in green and ones that you can not afford in red.
+ Stars currency are now displayed on the store gui.
* fixed twitter codes system
* Fixed inventory showing weapons from inventory if the category is currently on other than weapon.
+ Added a message that if you don't have any armors, auras , or items in your inventory.
+ Added 3D preview on inventory load out gui. ( Can only 3d preview: armors, weapons, and items)
+ Added Tatical II armor, the male armor version of the officer armor. Requires rank 18 to unlock. ( +70 health, +50 energy, +2 ammo clips, for 195 per round. )
Note: For now you can only equip one Aura at a time, but in the future you could equip up to 3 auras at a time for upgrade.
^ Increased Officer armor price from 220 to 240.
* Fixed player points award delay.
+ New twitter code!

--Public v3.2.1 , Release Date 3/4/2017

+ Added support to detect if user has chat disabled then it shows a message. That way, a chat message would not be blank for a user who can't chat.
* Fixed auras overlay in store.
* Fixed spas-12 weapon reloading glitch due to a conflict in variable names.
+ The chat text input and party name input now turns red if anything you typed in the chat box is going to be filtered.
^ Players with chat disabled now can't create a party.

--Public v3.2.2 , Release Date 3/20/2017

^ Buffed Spas-12 native range from 55 to 65
^ Nerfed Wingmaster native range from 55 to 50.
+ Added 4 confidential twitter codes.
* Fixed glitch where stuff can still remain in backpack in menu screen.
+ SSG news can now be updated from Seraphim Studio website.
* Fixed already redeemed twitter codes shows up as expired after redeemed.
* Fixed C4 OP damage calculation.
Note: Sniper will get a nerf in future updates.

--Public v3.2.3 , Release Date 3/24/2017

* Extended BD001, BD002, BD003, BD004 codes validation to allow for time zones.

--Public v3.3 , Release Date 4/9/2017

^ Renamed Sniper to Remington.
^ Lowered Remington damage from 150 to 100 along with maximum range down to 210 and native range to 120 and it's rank down from 7 to 5.
^ Increased native range of Remington from 160 to 180.
^ Replaced Spas-12 with a better model.
^ Updated twitter codes Nickastela picture.
^ Updated Super Stela Games logo on winners stage.
+ Added support for geographic latitude attribute for minigames.
+ Added "isplayeralive(playername)" function to global stela for api use.
+ Added support for Fog end, Fog start , and fog color attribute for minigames.
+ Added stelafunctions.getgamdemode() api
+ Added Boss battle victory sound effect.
* Fixed Spas-12 , Wingmaster running animations.
* Fixed player running hand animations on weapons such as revolver, MP5
^ Lowered difficulty level of Avalanche from 7 to 3.
+ Added Dragunov, requires rank 16 to get it and 12,500 in game cash.
^ Lowered Remington price from 7k to 5k.
^ Nerfed Jetpack maximum fuel from 250 to 100 and rasied the rank for jetpack from 15 to 18 because, it causes too much unfair advantages to others.
^ Lowered maximum gas cans per round from 4 to 3.
- Removed Rock Launcher because, it's glitches boss battle enemies ( if you have it, you get to keep it ).
- Removed Super Stela Games lobby on the 3d menu screen due to lag.
- Removed avatar character preview in inventory.
- Removed Crystal Castle Kingdom map.
* Fixed the gui layout being out of place due to a roblox update a while ago.
+ Added ak-47 tool icon image.
* Fixed game script delayed from starting due to http service request lag.
* Made the news on the bottom filtering less aggressive.
* Fixed a glitch when players can subscribe to items that's not purchasable in ssg store.
* Fixed Gui Z-Index due to the previously Z-Index gui limit of 10.
^ Renamed you are eliminated to you are dead.
^ Temporary removed hide and seek game mode for bug fixes.
* Fixed elementals hurting other zombies.
* Fixed Spas-12 weapon icon.
^ ROBLOX default health bar no longer shows on SSG lobby.
* Fixed boss battle gui health gui overlay.
* Fixed screeching music in Mountain Keeper.
^ Reduced maximum pills purchase limit in live store during FFA from 3 to 2.
^ Reduced maximum pills purchase limit in lives store per round in juggernaut from 8 to 4.
^ Your character rotation from a weapon is now visible to all.
* Fixed weapon weight.
^ Nerfed Deathsekkar jump power from 75 to 65.
Note: Jet pack will be removed to buy in store in future updates and be made as a exclusive item.

--Public v3.4 , Release Date 4/12/2017

+ M41A now supports weapons skins and 24 weapon skins are now available for M41A.
+ Spas-12 now supports weapons skins and 5 different weapon skins are available to choose from.
* Fixed sprinting while using med kit.
* Fixed players that enter the game end up spawning in the middle of the map.
* Fixed players seeing the game over screen if they skipped a round.
* Fixed loading gui not showing for players after a boss battle based minigame ends only if the the player lost the boss battle..
^ Removed dynamic character rotation due to lag.
^ Your character rotation from a weapon is not visible to all any more due to the fact that roblox servers are too weak to handle it.
* Fixed Forest weapon skin thumbnail for Rapid Star Launcher.

--Public v3.5 , Release Date 5/5/2017

+ Added Platform & Peril minigame.
^ Lowered Dragunov rank from 16 to 14
^ Increased M41A rank from 14 to 21.
^ Lowered Thompson rank from 18 to 16.
^ Nerfed Accuracy of Glock and Revolver because it is not a Sniper it's a handgun.
^ Reduced Endurance game mode time limit from 6 minutes to 4 minutes and lowered the reward for endurance game mode.
^ Ranks 34 - 42 are now prestige ranks considering how difficult players are to rank up to these ranks.
^ Lowered Spas-12 rank from 34 to 31.
+ Imperial Armour now avaliable for in store, requires a prestige rank to buy it.
* Fixed roblox default health regen caused by roblox updates.
* Fixed multiple players winning on ffa earning maximum reward. Multiple winners on FFA will get the max reward divided by the amount of players left.
* Fixed when items or armours with uses left value of 0 will cause the other armors or items to not show up.
- Removed rank 42
- Removed Easter Island minigame.
+ Added text filtering for display ban guis in compliance with the roblox mandated filter for user input text.
+ Added spawnweapon/ admin command for admins.
+ Added spawnitem/ admin command for admins.
* Changed the last standing player music.
* Reduced FFA practice time from 2 minutes to 1 minute and 30 seconds.
* Fixed spectating camera glitch. ( possibly )
+ Added 1 new winner music.
+ Music of the minigame now changes based on what's happening in the minigame.
* Increased the drop off damage range for Sniper from 120 to 140.

--Public v3.5.1 , Release Date 5/16/2017

+ Added weapon skins support for Dragunov. ( 9 different dragunov weapon skins to choose from )
+ Added weapon skins support for MP5. ( 19 different mp5 weapon skins to choose from.)
* Fixed players stuck on ban screen.
* Fixed player spawning in Clocktower Hop minigame.
* Leaderboard can not display more horizontal rows than your screen resolution can show.
- Removed extra jump power for players with certain armor in game.
This update will make the total weapon skins on ssg 168.

--Public v3.5.2 , Release Date 5/20/2017

* All shotguns now have 8 pellets and have it's damage adjusted. ( damage output should be nearly the same )
* Increased Spas-12 accuracy by 20
* Fixed weapons glitching the player's character position. ( fixed it by increasing the density )
* Fixed shotgun bullets hitting on the sides of an enemy not registering damage.
* Fixed a glitch where the ctf game mode breaks the game.
* Temporary disabled dynamic character rotation until the root cause weapon fling glitch caused by dynamic character rotation.
* Increased Wingmaster accuracy to 20.
* Increased Wingmaster native range from 50 to 90.
* Fixed all shotgun large spread at very close range.
* Corrected weapon stats for DB Shotgun.

--Public v3.5.3 , Release Date 5/26/2017

* Removed CTF game mode because it's glitchy
* Fixed vote minigame system including when the vote minigame fails.
* Fixed music details not showing up when hovering over to sound icon.
* If a vote failed, a buzzer sound would play instead.

--Public v3.6 , Release Date 6/21/2017

* Moved double experience icon near the health gui.
* revamped double experience system. ( You can now use the remaining time from 2x exp on Fridays to any other day of the week, refilling double experience is cheaper than buying it again. )
+ You can now buy double experience any time you wish.
* Lowered maximum reward of Mount Stela from 575 cash down to 375 because the boss is easy.
- Removed Coin Heaven minigame because the design of the map is really bad.
+ More weapon skins
- Removed flags on 4 Corners Town from early ssg ctf game mode.
* Fixed CTF game mode prematurely ending and CTF game mode is back.
+ Added setraw_gt/[time] command for admins.
+ Added music/[audio id] command for admins.
+ Added nohats/[playername] command for admins.
+ Added sit/[playername] command for admins.
+ Added admins, headmods, and mods command groups to use in admin scripts only if you have one.
+ Added fidget spinners. ( Can be obtained by redeeming twitter code )
* Lowered Wingmaster drop off damage range from 90 to 60 because it's not a sniper, it's a long ranged shotgun. ( Still one shots but you now must get closer to get more pellets to hit for more damage. )
+ Added a maximum of 12 players on small minigames. The list of minigames that have the 12 max players limit: Hexagon Havoc, Arabian Desert Fortress.
+ Added SSG Greenlight maps ( remaining maps from the predecessor of super nick games that do not fit with ssg map standards. ) |
Maps: Haunted Mansion , Disppearing Platforms ( More will be added later on )
* You can now only buy one gas can per round in survival game mode only.
- Removed Zombie Survival game mode because it's VERY gltichy. ( will be back soon. )
* Players now spawn closer to the start spawn rather than close to the edge in Mount Stela. This is just to reduce the chance the players to fall into the water.
* Fixed vote minigame button getting hidden.
+ 18 new spas-12 weapon skins. Making the total weapon skins count 186.
* Fixed menu screen breaking if the official super stela games website is offline.
+ Added jump sprint animation.
* Fixed promoted gui and game over gui from showing up on spawn if the player was a## during the previous rank.

--Public v3.6.1 , Release Date 6/25/2017

* Forgot to add ctf game mode in v3.6 it should back.
* Normal health gui is 20 pixels longer.
* Fixed a block from block farm minigame appearing out of nowhere.
* Fixed particle emitter fog effect not disabled when it should be. This is due to the smoke and particle emitter objects have different class names.
* Fixed spectating gui from glitching when there is more then 1 player alive in a minigame.
* Fixed spawning in abnormal places in Sword Fights On The Heights minigame.
+ Added Bloxberg Square as SSG Greenlight minigame.
* Automatic game over in FFA and PVP game modes if there are more than 1 players alive in the minigame.

--Public v3.6.2 , Release Date 6/29/2017

* Laser bullets only stretches up until their maximum range on all weapons that use laser bullets.

!Super Stela Games v3.7 and onwards now uses roblox GUI UI feature
--Public v3.7 , Release Date 7/25/2017
* Updated Imperial armor rank icon.
* Fixed DB Shotgun Astral II weapon skin shown incorrectly.
+ Readded ragdoll. Less lag!
+ Added Nightmare Realm Prison map.
* Past event maps or other secret maps should now not be randomly selected.
^ Reduced the amount of stars visible on menu screen.
* Fixed glitch where a minigame would end early if a certain amount of players with high latency is entering the minigame. This will not cause a minigame timer to not start until all players are loaded.
* Corrected no armors instead of no items message shown on the loadout screen.
^ JetPacks are now banned in Bloxberg Square , Clocktower Hop, and Hexagon Havoc minigame.
^ Minigame creator now shows a clear view of the creator's username and the avatar's thumbnail.
+ Minigame loading screen now shows whether jet pack is banned from the map or not.
* Fixed a glitch when gas can fuel stays on gui screen if the player still have the gas can equipped when the round ends.
^ Removed Hide & Seek again due to glitches. Will be back soon.
^ Made objective messages more sense in certain game modes.
* Reduced lag when a player dies with armor. This is due to the fact the armor object will now get removed when the player dies instead of breaking apart.
* Fixed minigame instructions sometimes not showing at round start.
+ Player ragdolls now support armors.
^ Reduced terrain water area size to reduce lag.
----SSG SDK updates----
+ Added watercolor property to FillBasePlateWithWater setting.
+ Added toxic to FillBasePlateWithWater setting.
+ Added BanJetPacks property to settings.

[h2]--Public v3.7.1 , Release Date 7/27/2017

^ If starting the minigame takes more than 3 seconds than it will show , "waiting for players" message until all players that are ready joined.
* Fixed admins spawning in minigames that don't exist by using "nextminigame/" command.
* Added the 30 seconds time limit for the game to wait for all players to load.

--Public v3.8 , Release Date 8/4/2017

^ Increased energy required to punch from 7 to 9.
^ Lowered the energy required to kick from 22 to 20.
+ Added the ability to block yourself from kicks and punches by holding b.
^ Reduced crowbar energy usage per swing from 10 to 5.
+ Added a setting whether or not to toggle mobile heath gui.
That's phase one of implementing mobile SSG.
- Removed auto character rotation based on where the cursor is at for colt due to glitches.
- Removed gui scaling that was added before to fix roblox's new gui rendering.
^ Reduced cool down for Colt.
+ Added ability to change the scale of SSG guis in settings from a range from 75% to 150%
- Completely removed hidden maps from ssg due to the fact it could end up breaking the game.

--Public v3.8.1 , Release Date 8/8/2017

* Fixed a glitch with automatic weapons continuing to fire after the weapon is no longer equipped.
^ You can no longer fire your weapon if your health falls down to zero.
* Made glock and revolver bullets more visible.
^ Improved shotgun based weapons hit detection due to better laser randomization.
* Fixed boss battle enemy health gui layout.
^ Added Crate & Peril to SSG greenlight.
^ Better laser spread precision on shotgun based weapons. ( The hit detection should be better ).

--Public v3.9 , Release Date 9/3/2017

+ Added custom health bar for NPC. Max range for custom health for NPC is 160.
+ Added Kill Bot Survival, SSG green light map.
* Fixed players with gui scale settings that is not a multiple of 5.
+ Players can send glitch reports and also send feedback reports for SSG admins to read. ( Can only send one report per day. This is due to the fact so that reports do not get spammed with pointless messages and minimizes strain on server resources ).
* Fixed 4 Corners Town gltich: Boss game mode spawns by default. Now it's FFA.
* Fixed chat overlay glitch.

--Public v3.9.1 , Release Date 9/19/2017

^ Lowered the volume of jet pack pack fuel sound effect.
* Fixed Kill Bots from not shooting missiles after a player has died.
^ Increased difficulty level for Kill Bot Survival from 3 to 4 which may result in a higher reward for winning the minigame.
^ Mobile health gui bar detail that border the edges between permanent and temporary health indicators are no longer shown.
^ Mobile health gui is now enabled by default. ( Might drop support old health gui for SSG and possibly be removed for future versions of Super Stela Games. )
* Fixed kick and punch in MMA game mode.
^ Improved special feminization pills item.
Reminder: You can press "B" to block your opponents from taking any damage on you at the cost of energy.

--Public v4.0 , Release Date 10/7/2017 [ HALLOWEEN UPDATE! ]

Super Stela Games Halloween Event 2017 Officially begins!
+ Added Non-binary pills, this will most likely be the rarest type of pills on SSG.
+ Readded Wicked Witch's Throne boss battle.
^ Nerfed M41A range to 90 and native range to 75 because it's not meant to be a sniper automatic weapon.
+ Added Famas weapon, costs 52k and rank 28 to get it.
^ Discontinued rapid star launcher weapon, laser ray will replace it.
^ Nerfed laser ray max range 160 and native range to 110 and price down to 11k to compensate for it's lower rank. ( Sorry laser ray owners who like the big range, I'm giving low rankers the opportunity to have more weapons. )
^ Lowered minimum rank for Thompson from 16 to 12.
^ Lowered ak-47 rank lock to 18.
^ Lowered Thompson accuracy and price to 18k for it's lower rank.
+ Improved automatic weapon inaccuracy calculation
^ Lowered ak-47 price down to 40k
^ Made generade launcher and revolver secondary weapon.
^ Lowered Thompson max range down to 100.
+ Added Halloween Bootcamp minigame.
* Fixed multiple winners on FFA. FOR REAL!

--Public v4.0.1 , Release Date 10/14/2017

^ Reduced the rounds before an exclusive minigame can be played down from 3 to 2 to allow for Halloween event maps to be played more frequently.
* Admins, mods that change their username will no longer lose their commands.
^ Reduced minimum gui scale down to 60%.
^ Buffed ak-47 accuracy from 35 to 85
^ Buffed M41A accuracy from 70 to 130.
^ Increased starting range for drop off damage from 65 to 75 for spas-12.
^ Increased starting range for drop off damage from 60 to 110 for Wingmaster.
^ DB Shotgun bullets now start at the tip of the weapon.
^ Lowered the fire rate of Thompson
^ Buffed Thompson damage to 37.
^ Fixed multi win on MMA game mode.
^ Changed the experience points required to rank up for ranks 3 - 17 for smoother higher rank leveling transition.
^ Changed Remington rank lock from 5 to 4 due to the change of experience points required to rank up.
^ When a player is finished defeating all of the pumpkin minions, 3 treasure chests are spawned per player that is currently alive.
* Fixed Wicked Witch's mega pumpkin bomb attack that can destroy the whole map making the round end unexpectedly.
^ Drastically improved shotgun hit detection. Shotgun spread hit detection is more accurate.
^ Thompson weapon bullets should now start at the tip of the weapon.
* Fixed Non-binary pills texture. ( It should no longer appear as grey.)
* Fixed a glitch in CTF game mode when if a player with a flag leaves the game, the flag never appears.

--Public v4.0.2 , Release Date 10/15/2017

Super Stela Games v4.0.2 Glitch fix update
* Fixed lava rising too high.
^ Made a more accurate description on how to get the key for the Wicked Witch boss battle.
^ Raised the amount of cash reward of winning wicked witch boss battle because of the struggle to find the treasure chest after wicked witch defeat.
* Fixed warn/ admin command
* Fixed voting gui sometimes hides the vote minigame button on normal minigames that should be able to be voted.
* Fixed voting gui that hides the rank too low to vote minigame gui for players under the required rank in order to vote the minigame.
* Fixed double reload glitch for weapons
^ Reloading with Wingmaster or Spas-12 no longer takes the maximum ammo storage away from the number of clips. ( Ammo reloading is more efficient. )
* Fixed maximum players limit for vote minigame gui.
^ Lowered maximum players limit for Hexagon Havoc from 12 players maximum to 10.

--Public v4.1 , Release Date 11/9/2017

+ Added new SSG green light minigame: Cliffhangers!
+ New Race game mode for SSG green light!
-Race game modes are limited to 12 players max.
+ New admin commands for admins in game.
-setwinner/[playername] Only works in race game mode.
-allowrespawn/[true or false]
-respawn/[playername] Admins only.
+ Improved moderation system for moderators!
-db/[playername]/[days]/[reason] command.
+ Added Floating Islands map! Requires rank 15 or higher to vote the minigame.
^ Lowered minimum rank requirement to vote Mount Stela from 10 to 6.
+ Added 11 new hints than will appear randomly on loading screen.
+ Added party chat! You can now chat privately with each other within the party by including "p/" at the beginning of the chat.
* Fixed a glitch when a player is unable to successfully leave the party. ( Surprised this glitch didn't get fixed since the beginning! )
^ Increased maximum chat history from 38 to 76.
+ Added a new command to be able to change the gui scale instead of going into settings. Valid range is 60 to 150. I recommend you don't set a gui scale higher than 150.
-Removed Halloween Bootcamp and Wicked Witch's Throne minigame because Halloween event is over.
^ Lowered rank for DB Shotgun to 4.
^ Lowered rank for Wingmaster to 10.
* Fixed a glitch where the game would choose a hidden minigame.
* Fixed a glitch where if a player have a ban with 3 proofs, the 3rd proof would not get added on to the player's ban data and would cause the script to break.
^ Lowered Spas-12 rank down to 25. The rank might be lowered to 21 with a damage nerf.

--Public v4.1.1 Glitch fix, Release Date 11/25/2017

* Fixed DB Shotgun unable to reload.

--Public v4.2 , Release Date 12/24/2017

+ Added Server Browser. You can join 3 different types of servers and you can view of list of players in that server. VIP servers are coming soon!
> Players need to be at least rank 7 to play on battle station servers or rank 6 if a player is following their friend into a battle station server.
> A server is considered inactive if the server have zero players.
> If a server is inactive for more than a minute, it will be hidden from the server browser.
> If a server is inactive for more than 5 minutes, the server will shut down
> A inactive server can be active
* Possibly fixed if not, reduced the chance a glitch where it would show rounds results randomly.
+ Added Void map as a place holder map for custom VIP servers which will appear in next major update that have a configuration error.
^ Lowered the cool down time to send reports:
---For main game you can only send 1 report once every 3 hours---
---For debug game, you can only send 1 report once every 15 minutes---
+ Added Locked Out for SSG Green light minigame.
^ Reduced consumption time for energy drink from 2.7 seconds to 1.9 seconds.
* Fixed saving the setting to enabled or disable in game music.
^ Changed the windows in 4 Corners Town to use the new glass material instead of plastic
+ Added Christmas menu theme
* Fixed setguiscale/ command that changes the scale of guis for all players in the server. It should now only change the scale of the gui for the speaker.
^ Improved shotgun bullets hit detection. ( Bullet spread inaccuracy will be uniformly the same depending on the distance instead of random spread )
^ Increased native range for DB Shotgun from 60 to 80.
^ Increased reload time for DB Shotgun by .5 seconds.
^ Enabled Christmas Music Menu Theme
^ Edited the round start sound effect for the Christmas menu theme.
--Sorry for the late Christmas update because I'm really busy with my life.
--Stay tuned for custom VIP servers update!
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