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Added by Empress Stela
Last updated 05/5/2019
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Super Stela Games Full Update Log 2016

Here's the full update log for Super Stela Games in 2016.

---Pre Alpha 0.5 | Release Date: < 6/4/2016---

1) Game coding structure to be basic.

--Private Alpha v0.6 , Release Date 6/9/2016---

1) Vote minigame!
2) Added vote minigame gradient.
3) Redid minigame thumbnails.
4) Added loading music.

--Private Alpha v0.7 , Release Date 6/10/2016---

1) Pain pills partly fixed.
2) improved heath gui
3) Fixed game over event does not fire 2 times at the same time.

--Private Alpha v0.8 , Release Date 6/11/2016---

1) Improved Weapon guis.
2) Added PVP game mode.
3) Added sword fights on the heights minigame.
4) Added double HP in FFA game mode.
5) Fixed game mode issue.

--Private Alpha v0.9 , Release Date 6/12/2016---

1) Fixed players getting stuck at spawn in Sword Fights On The Heights minigame.
2) Fixed music infinity repeating.

--Private Alpha v0.10 , Release Date 6/13/2016---

1) Fixed anchored armour spawn glitch with armour on.

--Private Alpha v0.11 , Release Date 6/14/2016---

1) Re-Added CTF game mode: Supported minigames: Sword Fights On The Heights & 4 Corners Town
2) Added walk speed boost item in live store.

--Private Alpha v0.12 , Release Date 6/15/2016---

1) Added C4 item.
2) You can buy extra c4s.
3) Added Flak Armour
4) You now only equip armours and weapons based on items you have in your load out except for Rock Launcher
| but it does not subtract to number of that equipped weapon you have in your load out.
5) Redid CTF teams choosing system.
6) You can no longer get negative cash.

--Private Alpha v0.13 , Release Date 6/16/2016---

1) Fixed c4 tool making sounds, even when not equipped.
2) Added military armour | requires rank 12 to unlock
3) Lowered Standard Armour rank lock to 4
4) Fixed generade laucher weapon not loading.
5) Added load out customization background props
6) Dropped support for the game to be on phones.
7) Added cutscenes at every minigame at a start for 1 round.
8) Added custom backpack gui.

--Private Alpha v0.14 , Release Date 6/17/2016---

1) Backpack gui much more stable.
2) Cutscene action now instant.
3) Disabled custom backpack gui due to it being to glitchy.
4) Fixed CTF game mode.
5) Fixed the amount of stars not showing up.
6) Added a way to fix the looping menu music sound glitch.
7) Added items section in store but you can't buy items in store yet.
8) Partially completed zombie survival game mode.
9) Raised rock launcher rank lock to 6.
10) Raised Generade Launcher Price to 15K
11) Removed cut scene due to how much lag it can be.

--Private Alpha v0.15 , Release Date 6/18/2016---

1) You can now buy and equip items in your load out and also to use in minigames!
2) Fixed fall damage script.
3) Fixed subscribe glitch.
4) Fixed spawn players glitch.
5) Fixed unequip armour.

--Private Alpha v0.16 , Release Date 6/19/2016---

1) Fixed items in loadout not showing.
2) Fixed the camera in inventory going black.
3) Fixed a glitch where the player can equip multiple copies of the same item in their load out.
4) Banned using items in your load out in PVP game mode.
5) Added 16 studs radius limit for placing c4.
6) Added moonwalk potion , banana pell, and
7) Raised C4 rank lock to 6.
8) Fixed team switch to contestants after death in CTF

--Private Alpha v0.17 , Release Date 6/20/2016---

1) Added mine bomb item ( requires rank 10 or higher to use ).
2) Added Med Kit ( requires rank 4 or higher to use ).

--Private Alpha v0.18 , Release Date 6/21/2016---

1) Added fix cam button.
2) Nerfed rock launcher's stun time from 7 seconds to 4 seconds.
3) Glock is now the new starter weapon.
4) Fixed everyone being zombie after ctf game mode.

--Private Alpha v0.19 , Release Date 6/22/2016---

1) Added Block Farm Minigame ( a remake of the Whack a Block minigame).
2) Added starter tools minigame api into the game.
3) Fixed game script from breaking randomly due to the failure of getting the player username.
4) Expanded the range of minigame difficulties.
5) Wininng CTF game mode will now reward you with 350 in game cash.

--Private Alpha v0.20 , Release Date 6/23/2016---

1) Fixed CTF flag disappearing if player falls down to their death.
2) Added eliminated gui.
3) Added zombie death gui.
4) Fixed zombies being able to spawn with weapons.
5) Fixed difficulty in minigames.
6) Fixed zombie guis.
7) A list of contestants in game now removed if a player leaves the game during the round.

--Private Alpha v0.21 , Release Date 6/24/2016---

1) Added double experience ( every Friday starting 6/24/16 ).
2) Removed background color with the timer frame.
3) Added stelafunctions.awardcash() function to award cash with 2x exp feature.
4) Added revolver weapon.
5) KOs and WOs now save.
6) Fixed weapons not showing up on weapon enabled game modes.

--Private Alpha v0.22 , Release Date 6/25/2016---

1) Maximum rank cap increased from 15 to 24.
2) Rank name now based on military, not skill level.
3) Updated promoted gui.
4) You no longer lose a KO if you die.
5) Negative KOs fixed.

--Private Alpha v0.23 , Release Date 7/1/2016---

1) Redid menu music
2) Removed current rank indicator shown in the top-left corner of the screen on the menu screen.
3) Buffed rank 12 military armor to include +25 energy and +1 Clip power up.
4) Lowered rank 12 military armor price from 150 to 125.
5) Added Officer Armour, obtainable for purchase at rank 18 or above.
6) Changed frame color to make demo notice to make it more readable.

--Private Alpha v0.24 , Release Date 7/2/2016---

1) New Lobby!
2) Lowered lobby camera spin speed.
3) Made the menu screen less blurry.
4) Moved lobby further away from the origin to help reduce lag in minigames.

--Private Alpha v0.25 , Release Date 7/3/2016---

1) Made it so you can join in the minigame while the round is running.
2) Reduced lag by anchoring the playground outside the mall lobby.
3) Fixed game over from not waiting.

--Private Alpha v0.26 , Release Date 7/4/2016---

1) Fixed zombie survival game mode.
2) Added random zombie selection visual in zombie died screen.
3) Fixed certain music that suppose to play once that loop forever.
4) Added tips in the minigame loading screen.
5) Added invite friend reward.

--Private Alpha v0.27 , Release Date 7/5/2016---

1) Added Arabian Desert Fortress minigame with FFA and PVP game modes.
2) In PVP and FFA game modes, players now spawn far apart from each other.
3) Added 7 new tips.
4) Increased FFA practice time from 1 minute to 2 minutes.

--Private Alpha v0.28 , Release Date 7/6/2016---

1) Fixed player's energy not resetting to default after a round with the energy giving armour on.
2) Fixed the rare glitch when a round starts, the menu screen gui is stuck on screen.
3) Fixed the glitch where the menu music would sometimes continously play after the loading screen.
4) Fixed lazer launcher gun from glitching.
5) Reduced lazer launcher cool down time from 1 second to .35 seconds.
6) Made it so it won't show the cash changed gui when you first spawn.
7) Increased Generade Launcher rank lock to 12.
8) Increased Rapid Star Launcher Rank lock to 7.
9) Hidden players in the game now count towards the list of players ready to start minigame.
10) Added the option to opt out whether to subscribe to items in load out or not, ( useful if you having problems to budget your load out cost. )

--Private Alpha v0.29 , Release Date 7/7/2016---

1) Fixed settings frame glitch.

--Private Alpha v0.30 , Release Date 7/12/2016---

1) Added crystal castle kingdom minigame.
2) Added hide & seek game mode.

--Private Alpha v0.31 , Release Date 7/13/2016---

1) Fixed subscribe glitch
2) Adjusted Health Gui Bar size for survivors.
3) Fixed gui not showing correct number of energy when energy giving armour is equipped.
4) Hide & Seek game mode much more developed.
5) Removed sprinting in hide & seek game mode.
6) Fixed menu screen fade glitch when clicking play button right when menu screen shows up
7) Slightly made pain pills health deteriorate faster.
8) Fixed vote minigame system.

--Private Alpha v0.32 , Release Date 7/14/2016---

1) Reduced player maximum zoom to 100.
2) Fixed crystal castle kingdom ambience.
3) Fixed item , weapons and armours fetch glitch.
4) Added shrink potion item.

--Private Alpha v0.33 , Release Date 7/16/2016---

1) Added animations to tools and many stuff.

--Private Alpha v0.34 , Release Date 7/18/2016---

1) Fixed pain pills glitch.

--Private Alpha v0.35 , Release Date 7/19/2016---

1) Fixed promoted loop music
2) Fixed guests glitching the list of players in the in game menu.
3) Fixed music from forever looping after game over for last player standing.
4) Double damage for head shot , only on Glock and revolver weapon. 25% more damage for automatic weapons.
5) Removed heal pads from sword fights on the heights.
6) Minigame music no longer loops.

--Private Alpha v0.36 , Release Date 7/20/2016---

1) Added jump delay.

--Private Alpha v0.37 , Release Date 7/21/2016---

1) Added rewards for participating in minigames, excluding CTF.
2) Player will not see spectate gui is player died.
3) Added Endurance game mode, 6 minute minigame.
4) Edited settings frame gui.

--Private Alpha v0.38 , Release Date 7/22/2016---

1) Fixed minigame participation reward.
2) High score feature for Endurance game mode!
3) Removed Survival game mode for Hexagon Havoc.
4) Reduced maximum cash reward for Hexagon Havoc Endurance minigame from 1,025 to 775.
5) Fixed toggling stuff in settings.
6) Added custom chat.
7) Added warn/ admin command.

--Private Alpha v0.39 , Release Date 7/23/2016---

1) Added the ability to mute on the custom chat gui. (mute/ and unmute/ commands.)
2) Fixed player chat colors.
3) Fixed sending blank messages.
4) Raised Generade Launcher price to 21,000 cash.

--Private Alpha v0.40 , Release Date 7/24/2016---

1) Added angel halos for players that have a fame of 20 or greater.
2) Added fame system.
3) Fixed players muting themselves.
4) Fixed 2x exp system after Fridays
5) Fixed chat showing red labels for regular members.

--Private Alpha v0.41 , Release Date 7/25/2016---

1) Added custom HP bar.
2) Fixed the ready glitch that occurs when click play instantly after winning stage on menu screen.
3) Fixed a glitch that it shows death gui at menu screen.
4) Added fade effect white vintage eliminated gui.

--Private Alpha v0.42 , Release Date 7/26/2016---

1) Added electric armor, the most energy boosting armor.
2) Fixed health giving armor not giving extra 10hp in sng community.
3) Nerfed officer armor blast resistance to 40% and buffed Military armor blast resistance to 50%.
4) Raised officer armor price to 200. Raised military armor price to 170.
5) Fixed player billboard guis from glitching.
6) Fixed custom name tags gui breaking.

--Private Alpha v0.43 , Release Date 7/27/2016---

1) Added recovery feature, ONLY recovers rank.
2) Now improved saving system, uses update async instead of setasync ( This will reduce the chance of your save data getting corrupted. )
3) Fixed 2x exp time left glitch not saving when player leaves the game.

--Private Alpha v0.44 , Release Date 7/28/2016---

1) Added the option to buy shirt to support the game in store.
2) Added crowbar weapon ( requires rank 4 ).

--Private Alpha v0.45 , Release Date 7/29/2016---

1) Fixed purchasing shirts.
2) Added secondary weapon equip support.
3) Reduced open / close inventory gui wait time.
4) Fixed body colors zombie glitch.

--Private Alpha v0.46 , Release Date 7/30/2016---

1) Fixed hiding humanoid names.
2) Make changes to zombie gui ui.
3) Zombies now can not sprint.

--Private Alpha v0.47 , Release Date 7/31/2016---

1) Fixed sprinting with tool.
2) Raised revolver price to 1,250.
3) Energy amount is set to 100 by default for every new starting round.

--Private Alpha v0.48 , Release Date 8/1/2016---

1) ROBLOX's default player name tags now won't show in spectate mode.
2) Fixed recover feature for new players.
3) Zombies now spawn in random places around the map.
4) Fixed minigame participation reward system rewarding players in game cash during a round while alive.
5) Raised Rapid Star Launcher price from 5k to 11k.
6) Added WIP Mount Stela, SSG's first boss battle minigame.

--Private Alpha v0.49 , Release Date 8/2/2016---

1) Added dynamic air fog effect in sword fights on the heights minigame.
2) Added custom timers API to SSG.
3) Fixed admins choosing a non existant minigame which could break the game.
4) Now for every 1 player alive in the minigame, 2,000 HP is added on to mountain keeper.
5) Enabled weapons in boss battle game mode and disabled respawn.
6) Fixed players spawning with more than 2 weapons in weapon in loadout enabled minigames.
7) You now can't drop weapons in load out.

--Private Alpha v0.50 , Release Date 8/3/2016---

1) Added the option to turn off air fogs.
2) Fixed Mountain Keeper Prizes.
3) Added 2 new tips to loading screen.

--Private Alpha v0.51 , Release Date 8/4/2016---

1) Added elemental zombie.
2) Added the instant respawn for zombies.
3) Added kill streak!
4) Buffed Fast Zombie walkspeed to 30.
5) Zombies now get different kill rewards.
6) Buffed med kit. Med kits now heal 90% of your health and now should be faster to heal.

--Private Alpha v0.52 , Release Date 8/7/2016---

1) Dynamic Air Fog Effect feature now enabled at Avalanche minigame!
2) Fixed recovery frame image.
3) Raised Grenade Launcher rank lock to 14.
4) Added Victory Gui for defeating Mount Stela.

--Private Alpha v0.53 , Release Date 8/8/2016---

1) Made Air fogs transparent in avalanche minigame.

--Private Alpha v0.54 , Release Date 8/9/2016---

1) Fixed hub player leaderboard display glitch.
2) Made player hub leaderboard displayed in menu to list 4 players per row.
3) Added ammo stash to Arabian desert fortress.
4) Fixed ammo gui laying due to a recent roblox update.
5) Increased mine bomb ammo from 3 to 4.
6) Fixed game over and victory gui glitch to spawn for some players.
7) Elemental zombies automatically get the fire form.
8) Fixed billboard gui character HP gui glitching.

--Private Alpha v0.55 , Release Date 8/10/2016---

1) Made the exp frame a bit smaller.
2) Added SinisterRebirth to admin list.
3) Added NightmareEyeswarrior and jewelpaw118 to the special robloxians list.
4) Raised tatical armor rank lock from 8 to 9.

--Private Alpha v0.56 , Release Date 8/11/2016---

1) Fixed revolver tool gui overlay.
2) Added sniper weapon, requires at least rank 7 to buy cost 6k in game cash.
3) Nerfed Grenade Launcher, damage down to 100, maximum clips down to 5.
4) Fixed the game breaking next round after victory in Mount Stela minigame.

--Private Alpha v0.57 , Release Date 8/12/2016---

1) Added Arabian Desert Fortress , Coin Heaven to the list of supported minigames with dynamic fog air effect.

--Private Alpha v0.58 , Release Date 8/14/2016---

1) Altered Coin Heaven minigame lighting effects.
2) Fixed post particles transparency effects.

--Private Alpha v0.59 , Release Date 8/15/2016---

1) Rank ups are now tracked.
2) Enabled HTTP requests.

--Private Alpha v0.60 , Release Date 8/16/2016---

1) Added Bloxtown High School minigame.

--Private Alpha v0.61 , Release Date 8/17/2016---

1) Added ammo reloads to bloxtown high school minigame.
2) Reworded mission objective in Mount Stela before boss battle.
3) Added story line to Bloxtown High School boss battle.
4) Fixed music service glitch in Mount Stela.
5) You can buy 2 more c4s in live store.

--Private Alpha v0.62 , Release Date 8/18/2016---

1) Increased guards detect distance from 70 to 150 in Bloxtown High School minigame.
2) School safety agents no longer take damage from touching the principal.
3) Fixed unlocking gate not giving you fame.
4) Fixed object storage not clearing after each minigame.

--Private Alpha v0.63 ( The Massive Beta Update! ), Release Date 8/19/2016---

1) Added the ability to buy in game cash.
2) Fixed hub leaderboard positioning.
3) You can now click to view double experience details.
4) Raised Generade Launcher price from 21k to 28k.
5) Raised Sniper price from 6,500 to 7,000 cash.
6) Lowered Military Armour price back down to 150.
7) Lowered Officer Armour price back down to 180.
8) Fixed weapon , item and armour transparency in inventory gui due to roblox updates.
9) Fixed weapon and possible armour display glitch in inventory gui.
10) Fixed subscribe glitch it game modes where you can respawn where every time you respawn you pay the load out.
11) Fixed resetting 2x exp.
12) Removed private alpha notification in news frame.
13) Renamed play demo to play in order to prepare for the release of Super Stela Games.
14) Renamed C4 tool tip text that contains 160 to 150.
15) Fixed Sniper's weapon name in ammo gui. ( Used to say Revolver , now Sniper ).
16) Better avatar image character view.
17) Fixed grey / yellow head color.
18) Fixed a glitch when a player has more than 2 items in load out, it won't subtract the number of that item / armour left.
19) Fixed players winning double experience points without 2x exp, 3x exp with double experience power up.
20) Added falling snowflake in Avalanche minigame.
21) Disabled the other broken fall damage script.
22) Fixed minigame reward not showing instant on loading gui.
23) Disabled minigame participation reward system in Boss game mode.
24) Fixed minigame participation reward.
25) Nerfed Hexagon Havoc Endurance maximum reward from 775 to 700.
26) All new players will have glock weapon auto equipped.
27) Removed hats, pants, pets, shirts opt options in inventory gui , ( pets will come out in the future!).
28) Glock is now a secondary weapon due to it's low power.
29) Data now only save if it's fully loaded ( reduces chance of save data corruption ).
30) Renamed the bottom bar of the menu gui.
------30 changes / updates in order to prepare for release!-------

--Private Alpha v0.64 ( Final Beta Update! ), Release Date 8/20/2016---

1) Raised rank lock of Officer Armour to 21 since it's easy to rank up in Super Stela Games.
2) Fixed SNG originals tag in vote minigame gui.
3) Removed Chillax game mode in Coin Heaven.
4) Raised Officer Armour price to 220.
5) Fixed delayed promoted showing and also removed tracking promoted.
6) Fixed instructions gui.


--Public Beta v1.0 , Release Date 8/21/2016---

1) Lowered officer armour rank lock back down to 18 to make way for future Imperial Armour junior.
2) Removed recovery until further notice. ( Does more harm than good ).
3) Fixed Bloxtown High School boss battle chests spawn.
4) Made defeating Bloxtown high school boss battle minimum reward to 500 , maximum reward to 750.
5) Nerfed reward for key found from 200 to 150.
6) Raised Military armour price to 180.

--Public Beta v1.1 , Release Date 8/22/2016---

1) Automatic game over in FFA and PVP game mode if there is more than one players standing when time runs out.
2) Fixed object storage api.
3) Fixed instant respawn for zombies.
4) All true colors Trainees+ are banned.

--Public Beta v1.2 , Release Date 8/24/2016---

1) Lowered minimum amount of players having to be ready from 65% to 55%.
2) Removed admin commands for datasynchronized and volcanoINC.
3) During minigame rounds, the lobby is placed in replicated storage to where it is not rendered.
4) Removed TC ban list.
5) Better graphics optimization so less lag on slower machines.

--Public Beta v1.3 , Release Date 8/25/2016---

1) Updated SSG Loading Screen
2) Updated SSG BKG Loading Screen.
3) Updated Military Armour Design as it looks too girly and it's bad for weight.

--Public Beta v1.4 , Release Date 8/26/2016---

1) New laser ray weapon! Requires rank 10 to unlock | Costs 21,000 in game cash.
2) Removed 2x hp in FFA and PVP.
3) Added support to display more than 7 weapons in store for weapons.
4) Reduced Rapid Star Launcher latency by using network owner ship api.
5) New Colt secondary weapon! Requires rank 7 to unlock | Costs 4,500 in game cash to buy.
6) Fixed rank icon layering in menu screen.
7) Buffed glock. glock weapon now have slightly faster fire rate.
8) Removed player forcefield time in PVP and FFA game modes.
9) Fixed automatic game over in FFA and PVP.
10) Rank 25, the secret rank! Now has it's own icon!

--Public Beta v1.5 , Release Date 8/28/2016---

1) Updated Officer Armour appearance.
2) Raised Officer Armour rank requirement to 21.
3) Added new sword weapon. Requires at least rank 18 to buy and costs 22,500 in game cash!

--Public Beta v1.6 , Release Date 8/29/2016---

1) Added parties! There is a limit of 8 people per party.
2) Fixed player name tags.

--Public Beta v1.7 , Release Date 8/31/2016---

1) You it's easier for you to reload if you have colt , laser ray, sniper , and revolver by making them can collide false.
2) Fixed mine bomb ammo gui name. Should say mine bomb instead of c4.
3) C4 explosion force now based on blast radius.
4) Fixed the settings gui for showing incorrect settings configuration.
5) Fixed elemental zombie glitch when it dies.
6) Buffed c4 maximum force.
7) Increased 4 blast radius by 2.
8) Added tutorial.
9) Air fog effect setting now save.
10) Number of flag captures now recorded.
11) Fixed leaderboard party color display glitch.

---------------------------Now public since it's advertised!-----------------------------------

--Public v1.7.1 , Release Date 9/2/2016---

1) At least 2 players in the server and all of them must be ready for a new round to start.

--Public v1.8, Release Date 9/5/2016---

1) Added Clock Tower Hop minigame with Endurance game mode.
2) Fixed the occasional no player gui glitch on game join when a game is loading.
3) Fixed price subscribing for Tatical armor.
4) Added Fixed multi-spawn API for minigames.
5) Added still mode API for minigames.
6) Added the API to disable jump delay for minigames.
7) Added a new minigame API to disable hint notification sound.

--Public v1.8.1, Release Date 9/6/2016---

1) Fixed disable jump delay api.
2) Edited jump power for 170 hp and 180hp hp armor.
3) Increased practice time for Clock Tower Hop minigame by 30 seconds.

--Public v1.8.2, Release Date 9/10/2016---

1) Added toggling music on and off globally!
2) Menu music now plays in 2 parts.
3) Added menu music to content provider.

--Public v1.9, Release Date 9/20/2016---

1) Added weapon skins. Only for Glock weapon, ( more comming soon )
2) Added 3D weapon preview.
3) Bottom bar in menu is now hidden when your in inventory.
4) Added sound effects when equipping weapons, armors and items.
5) Super Stela Games Logo now Becomes hidden when in inventory.
6) In inventory, it now shows the amount of cash you have.
7) Player cash amount in store now update when a player purchase that store item.
8) Shop Gui is better layered.
9) Changed light box shop gui color from black to dark orange.
10) Left and Left Stars and logo text now animate super stela games logo on screen.
11) Added setminimumplayers/ admin command.

--Public v1.9.1, Release Date 9/21/2016---

1) Fixed inventory not showing up for new players due to the weapon skins update.
2) Heart red weapon skin for glock is now a premium weapon skin.

--Public v1.9.2, Release Date 9/22/2016---

1) More bug fixes for loop kill spawn.
2) Added a preview cam on minigame such as Sword Fights On The Heights.

--Public v1.9.3, [ Last version for Bloxtown High School mini-game ] Release Date 9/23/2016---
1) Added minigame cam to Mount Stela minigame.
2) Fixed close inventory glitch.

[h1]--Public v2.0 Release Date 10/1/2016---

1) Added 2 weapon skins for Rapid Star Launcher: Demonic and Gothic ,( requires game pass)
-Also added weapon skins for Sniper weapon.
2) Removed Bloxtown High School minigame as the back to school event is officially over.
3) Fixed data saving for new players.
4) Fixed ready glitch when the play button is clicked.
5) Increased real match time limit from 2 minutes to 3 mintues.

--Public v2.1 | THE MASSIVE UPDATE #1 , Release Date 10/18/2016---

1) Halloween Event!
2) Bloxtown High School minigame now moved to hidden minigames folder.
3) Increased rag doll decay time from 12 to 25.
4) Pills now drain your health faster.
5) Added Wicked Witch's Throne boss battle.
6) Added character light api to minigames. ( Useful if the minigame is really dark. )
7) Added new hide option for armors.
8) Fixed enable/disable tutorial value not loading.
9) Fixed spectating gui free roam glitch when it would not let you free roam your camera when there is more than 2 players in game.
10) Added locked minigame key api.
11) Fixed rank 25 icon from showing on rank 24.
12) Added experience points requirement for rank 24 the max rank. ( max rank will be increased in a while )
13) Buffed Laser Ray damage from 14 to 16 along with it's price increase from 16k to 18k.
14) Buffed Glock weapon from .375 second per shot to .25 second per shot.
15) Increased price of Grenade Launcher from 28k to 30k.
16) Fixed light yellow, royal purple, and Dusty Rose sniper colors not appearing on sniper weapon when equipped.
17) Added danger badge.
18) Fixed owned tag glitch when you click selected a weapon you own and open information of the weapon you don't have it shows up as owned.

--Public v2.1.1 , Release Date 10/20/2016---

1) Increased time limit for getting chests to 1 minute.
2) Fixed lava rising too high.
3) Anchored Danger badge.
*Stay tuned for v2.2 update ( final Halloween update ) | Currently busy with life.

--Public v2.1.2 , Release Date 10/23/2016---

1) Improved gun run animation.
2) Fixed random minigame chooser breaking the game.
3) Fixed moon walk potion cheating on Clocktower Hop minigame.
4) Fixed game over gui glitch when missed out a minigame round.
5) dynamic fog effect is now off by default.
6) Fixed banned player glitch via menu screen leader board.
7) Fixed banned logo and banned screen layout.

--Public v2.1.3 , Release Date 10/24/2016---

1) Fixed random minigame choosing glitch that would end up breaking the game.

--Public v2.1.4 [ Last Version For Halloween Event 2016 ] , Release Date 10/27/2016---
1) Another fix of random minigame choosing glitch that would end up breaking the game.

[h1]--Public v2.2 , Release Date 11/6/2016---

1) Added Grenade item.
2) Removed House of Terror and Wicked Witch's Throne minigame as SSG's Halloween Event is officially over.
3) Added armor stats to product page.
4) Improved sprinting with tool animation.
5) Added Northpoles Outskirts minigame map, SBF,CTF, and Zombie Survival games modes are supported.
6) Fixed health bar glitching while on pills.
7) Fixed menu camera from glitching after winners stage.
8) You can now buy buy grenade in live store.
9) More option to see more items.
10) Added givestars/ command.
11) You can now get feminization pills by typing in "girl power" while Astreastela is in the server if you have 10 stars.
[ updates 12 - 17 are for admins only ]
12) Added givefame/ command.
13) Added setrank/ command.
14) Added speed/ command.
15) Added maxhealth/ command.
16) Added heal/ command.
17) Added godmode/ command.
18) Head mods are now allowed to access the admin gui.
19) Removed Hide & Seek game mode and CTF game mode from Crystal Castle Kingdom.
20) Added new Glock and Revolver weapon animation. ( Rolling it out for weapons ).

--Public v2.2.1 , Release Date 11/7/2016---

1) Bug fix for Glock weapon broken after weapon skin equipped with new weapon animation.
2) Improved sprinting animation.
3) Added dunopluto to the list of players to be in server to get feminization pills by typing in girl power.

--Public v2.3 , Release Date 11/8/2016---

1) Removed Lystraea from being a mod.
2) Added lifevest armor, the male version of the standard armor. Costs 35$, +15hp. Requires no rank to unlock it.
3) Added ff/[playername] and unff/[playername] admin command for admins.
4) Added kill/[playername] command.
5) Added ungrave to the list of admins in game.
6) Fixed "all" refering to in admin commands taking actions twice on the speaker.
7) Added "others" reffering in admin commands group.
8) Seraphim Studio group now gives you + 10 HP

--Public v2.3.1 , Release Date 11/8/2016---

1) Fixed glock and revovler ray casting being broken.

--Public v2.4 , Release Date 11/12/2016---

1) Generade Launcher and Revolver now supports weapons skins ( 5 different weapon skins to choose for Generade Launcher and Revolver )
2) Fixed the glitch of damage taken or health gained effected freezing.
3) Fixed a glitch that a healing sound would play if a player died.
4) Added sprinting sound effect.
5) Added DB Shotgun, 4k cash, requires rank 5+ to unlock.
6) Pain pills health bar glitch.
7) Increased fast zombie walkspeed from 30 to 32.
8) Increased normal zombie walkspeed from 16 to 24.
9) Buffed normal zombie touch to 10hp.

--Public v2.4.1 , Release Date 11/13/2016---

1) Nerfed db shotgun damage from 20 to 15.

--Public v2.4.2 , Release Date 11/19/2016---

1) Increased DB shotgun rank lock to 12 and price to 12.5k
2) Reduced normal zombie walk speed from 24 to 20.
3) Fixed ladders in Crystal Castle Kingdom
4) Fixed platform cheating in Clocktower Hop.
5) Reduced speed progression in Clocktower Hop minigame.
6) Moonwalk potion now allowed into clocktower hop minigame.
7) Fixed elemental not unfreezing players.
8) Nerfed elemental down to 300hp.

--Public v2.5 , Release Date 11/27/2016---

1) You can change the music menu between SSG Standard and SSG Classic in Settings.
2) Latest version played now recorded in statistics.
3) Updated mobile health gui.
3) Added twitter codes - stay tuned for Christmas boss battle update!
4) Added Juggernaut game mode, avaliable on 4 Corners Town ,Northpole Outskirts, Arabian Desert Fortress ,and Northpole Outskirts.
5) Raised Hexagon Havoc win reward from 700 to 750.
6) Added kick/[playername]/[ kick note here ] for mod+
7) Fixed banning glitch.

--Public v2.6 , Release Date 12/11/2016---

1) New Christmas menu theme!
2) New Thompson weapon! Require rank 18 to get and 42.2K cash to get.
3) New 4 new glock weapon skins and 6 new revolver weapon skins!
4) Fixed glitch that at menu screen start, the custom post processing effects would not show.
5) Weapon skins frame scroll bar now scales depending on how much weapon skins available to a weapon.
6) Rock Launcher weapon now supports weapon skins.

--Public v2.7 , Release Date 12/24/2016---

1) Thompson weapon now supports weapon skins. ( 7 different weapon skins to choose for Thompson! )
2) Gift #1- x25 ( Snow Breezer Armor [ +50hp , +160 energy ])
3) 13 new Glock weapon skins!
4) Updated Officer Armor thumbnail.
5) Added support for redeeming items.
6) Fixed glitch that allows to bring a item that is removed from your inventory that is already equipped.
7) Fixed stage props hat on winning stage.

--Public v2.7.1 , Release Date 12/25/2016 | The Last update for year 2016!---

1) Fixed certain items in inventory not equipped due to a attempted fix in v2.7
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